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Request for images
Large scale images for publication on request. DuPont™ holds a set of press images for the Listening Shell, as does photographer, Dee Conway. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me copies of any magazines the Listening Shell appears in.

Listening Shell
The Listening Shell was made in two identical prototypes, for the South Bank Centre in 2004. It has variously travelled from its birthplace in Birmingham and Tring, to Edinburgh, Paris, several times to London and since 2008 has been resting in a field in Sussex. Despite several requests for exhibition or inquiries for purchase in the UK, Europe and USA, it is now in need of restoration before it can be exhibited again. If you would like to exhibit it and can work with me on the restoration of it, or alternatively would be interested in being involved in the production of a Listening Shell Mark II series, please let me know.
Please continue to register your interest in the Listening Shell, since it is your requests which will enable further work on this project.